Day 2

Current Weight 205 lbs

Goal Weight 135

70 Lbs to go!

This is my weight loss journey. I am participating in a medically supervised very low calorie weight loss program called Optifast. Essentially, it is a 140 day (yes, thats 5 months!!!) liquid fast consisting of 450 calories per day from the Optifast Powder which provides all of the vitamins and nutrients you need on a daily basis. I have been told to expect an average of a 4lbs weight loss per week. As I said, it is medically monitored and I will have blood labs run every other week to check for unhealthy levels of any kind. The most important aspect of this program is that they also treat the psychological aspects of eating. I will learn not only how to eat and keep the weight off, but why I got to 205 in the first place.

I will explain why I made this decision and what brought me to this place another day, today was too emotional. So, as I said, I am on day 2 of no food. I will say, I am NOT hungry. I actually expected to be famished, but I feel full almost all the time. I am not tired or run down. But, I want to eat. This is a real eye opener, it shows me how much I was relying on food. I didn’t realize how much I crave food even though I am not hungry. I have a huge craving for :




Trader Joe’s Thai Baked Tofu

Salad (this one blows me away!)

Blue Cheese Burger

But, I am not hungry so it has been easy to not cave. I just have to keep telling myself 2 down and 138 to go. I can do this!

Life does not suck

Keith and I went for a bike ride last night down to Sunset Cliffs. We stopped so Keith could photograph sunset. So, I sat on the cliff over the ocean watching pelicans dive for dinner while the sunset in the background. Every couple of minutes a wave would crash into the rocks and a light spray would hit my face and I would think, “I am so lucky!”

What is the What?

So, I rarely buy hardcover books. It’s not because of the price, I just don’t have the arm strength to hold a book that heavy over my head for hours at a time. I almost always read while laying on my back with the book between my eyes and the light/sun. The light doesn’t really bother my eyes, my OCD requires that the book be held at an angle that it completely block out the outline of the light or sun. But, holding a hardback at that angle causes me to read for shorter periods of time. This is a problem with the book I started yesterday, “What is the What” by Dave Eggers. Eggers also wrote “A Heartbreaking Work of Stagering Genius”, which I thoroughly enjoyed but it took me weeks to finish even while unemployed although I am not sure why. WITW, however, is impossible to put down. I didn’t even want to buy it until it came out in paperback but I made the mistake of picking it up and reading the first chapter in the store while Keith was still pawing through travel books at Borders and I knew it would be added to my backlog within the week.

Here is my current book backlog:

  • “After Dark” by Haruki Murakami- This was actually next on my list and it had to be bumped for WITW (which is HUGE cause Murakami is by far my favorite author right now)
  • “The Sweet Smell of Psychosis” by Will Self- a Keith recommendation
  • “Post Office” by Charles Bukowski- another Keith recommendation
  • Oblivion by David Foster Wallace

There are many more, but these are the four currently sitting on top of the half bookshelf next to the bed waiting patiently to be read. Time to get back to the book!