The Beginning

Work was getting stressful. Thursday, February 10, 2005 was a rough day. It was almost 7pm, I was still at work and I was exhausted. The Beast, formerly know as QA K, had come by to say hi. At that point, Infant Developer (ID) delivered some bad news to me about a project that was not going as planned (more accurately a project he had royally screwed up) and my eyes welled up with tears. Seeing this, QA K distracted ID with a bright shinny object and made motions at me: You, me, drinks, get’n the fuck outta here! Knowing this was the opportunity I had dreamed about (while doodling hearts on my notebook and writing Mrs. Jenferner Beast over and over) I jumped up, shut off my pc and grabbed my purse in one fluid motion.

We met at Chili’s where we proceeded to order food we couldn’t eat. We stared at it with absolutely no appetite. Really, the last time a crush caused me to lose my appetite was when I was 14! We finally gave up on trying to eat and spent a lot of time looking at each other and drinking nervously. It’s been said before but I’m gonna say it again, we were fully retarded! At some blurry point in the conversation Beast grabbed my hand. My heart stopped. That was the end of the beginning.

Big Love Baby!

3 thoughts on “The Beginning”

  1. Big love, indeed. FULLY retarded, indeeder. What was yet to come was the Night In The Jeep, and the 6am checkin. But that was the next night, right? Big love! It’s been a great four years, Sunshine.

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