The 2008 3 Day

Well, it’s two weekends after my second 3 Day experience- my feet have healed and my muscles have recovered but the afterglow lives on. I love the 3 Day Utopia. It is a world like no other. It is a world where people look out for one another, a world where people thank you for doing what you can to help. And, in turn, you thank them for their support. It is a world where men and women wear bras on the outside of their clothes. A world where  girl dress up as prostitutes and drive a van around town with “Hookers for Hooters!” written on it, play loud music and get out and dance with the walkers.

Here are a few ways the real world is different from the 3 Day world:

When there is an obstruction in the walking path, like a sign pole, other walkers will yell, “POLE!” so that those behind them will not walk into it.In the real world if there is a pole in your walking path and you are not paying attention you are screwed.  

While you are walking, people in cars often honk to show support. Now, the proper response to this is a wave (and a smile if you can muster it). In the non-3 Day world, the honking cars are doing at you while walking is NOT to show support, however the proper response to this is also a wave and a smile (you just use less fingers in this wave). 

And, in the real world, there are no San Jose Cops on bikes riding along side of you with music blaring, shaking thier booties and telling you how awesome you are.  There are no friends and family members (and total strangers) holding signs and clapping for you. Ok, the friends and family are probably supporting you in a more oblique way, but the cops and the total strangers probably could care less. 

Highlights from this year’s walk:

  • 11 million dollars raised for Breast Cancer Research in San Diego alone!
  • approximately 500 men walking in San Diego this year!
  • My amazing boyfriend made team shirts including this one that got our team lots of attention from the San Jose boys and got a couple of the teammates on the news: 


Our team had two new teammates, Connie and Jennie. There was Nicole who I had not yet met (since I did not walk in 2007). Bonnie, Janetta and Tia were all returning walkers and we picked up a new teammate the day of the walk, Annamarie. We split into a fast walker group and a slow walker group so that everyone had a pace they were comfortable with and no one walked alone.  I was walking with the slow group. In fact, at one point in time I was the last walker on the route!  

 Team Photo 

K, as usual, was out supporting me and my teammates. Celina, (a friend and co-worker of K,  and a friend of mine who also bought my last house, small world huh?) was also out cheering us on both Friday and Saturday.  She was very supportive in many ways and it was very much appreciated! Celina and K brought out the dogs (wearing our team shirts) on Saturday. They were holding this sign:undefined 

Well, everyone walking by saying,  “We LOVE Sunshine, how do you know her?” K would always smile and answer, “She’s my girlfriend.” That response got him many puzzled looks. So, when we arrived and he told me about all the people he had talked to about “Sunshine” me and my girls laughed hysterically. You see, we had met Sunshine. She was this sweet old lady (probably in her 70’s). We passed her 3 or 4 times that day, she doesn’t walk very fast, she shuffled along each day with her purse and we assume she was taking sweep vans when it all got to much for her, but she smiled through the whole walk.    

Here is a picture of Sunshine:


And finally a picture from closing ceremonies, notice who is walking with our team at the far right (click on the picture for full size image):

closing ceremonies  

And, of course I am already signed up for next years walk, click below if you would like to donate!


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