Really? Vegas for rest and relaxation?

After an especially grueling couple of months of work, I needed a break. K and I had a 3 day weekend trip to Vegas on the books for a while and as it neared I was concerned. I needed rest, I needed a stress free environment, and I needed peace and quiet. Not exactly what one thinks of when thinking about Vegas. We had planned a downtown Vegas getaway so K could show me the wonders of seedy downtown Vegas and all it had to offer. However, early last week, I lost my shit. The stress had piled on and no amount of exercise could manage it. I exploded in a rage of female hormones in all their glory and it splattered all over everyone in a 5 mile radius. K saw this as a cry for help and scrambled into action. He canceled the downtown reservations and moved us to The Venetian. Actually to the Venenzia tower in The Venetian. It was quiet, it was beautiful, and it was relaxing. Here are the highlights:

  •  Sleeping in! Curtains that block out the light and trick you into thinking its 2am instead of 11am, a fabulous invention.
  • A pool and several hot tubs exclusive to the Venenzia tower and shared only with a couple of people and no shrieking kids! Reading poolside with mohitos in hand.
  • Shopping. Mostly window shopping, drooling on Christian Louboutins ($900 for a pair of shoes? really?), but got a great looking handbag (a little more than my regular $20 purse from Kohls, but not exactly a car payment either).
  • An amazing suite. Bigger than our beach apartment, housekeeping and chocolates on the pillow. What more could a girl want? 
  • Great food! Went to The Tillerman on Friday, delish! Went to B&B on Saturday night, absolutely unbelieveable. 
  • Most importantly, great company. It was like we had just started dating, just less retarded. We laughed, we played, we snuggled!

Vegas, while still full of screaming 20 something girls, overly cologned boys who spend more on their outfits than the girls, and 14 (yes I counted) brides wearing white dresses absorbing cigarette smoke as they traipse across the casino floors looking less than thrilled on their big day, was dead. There were more tables completely empty than not. And still, there were no $5 or $10 tables on the strip on a weekend night. However, Downtown’s $5 and $10 tables were considerably busier. We played a little downtown and broke even. The only money Vegas took from us was in hotel and restaurant bills which were still considerable, but you gotta eat right?  Thanks for the great getaway baby. 

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