Happy Birfday to MEEEEEE!

Last weekend marked the beginning of my 34th year on this planet. I spent the weekend celebrating my way! We kicked off the weekend with a friday night dinner at our favorite indian joint, Tandoor. Afterwards, we spent the night in playing Magic. We were playing the new Shadowmoor theme decks. We had one game that was so crazy and long we had to leave the cards on the table and pick it up Saturday morning. I got up nice and early Saturday, got in sweats and took the dogs down to dog beach. They ran like fools, chasing and splashing in the water. I really love cold mornings on the beach with the dogs. It is peace and chaos all at once and it is wonderful.

After tubby time for the dogs and a little breakfast it was off to Trapeze High for a some swinging! In fact I spent most of Saturday, Monday and Wednesday of this last week out at the rig. This has become an addiction.



We finished off Saturday with dinner at Kings with my parents and Grandma. On Sunday the weather cleared and K and  I took a scenic tour of San Diego at Sunset….from 4000 feet. It was amazing!


 J and K




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