Happy New Years!

2011 was a year of change for me. I left a job that I despised. I moved across the country. I decreased my income by 70-80%. I went from spending no time outdoors to working outdoors daily. It’s been amazing how those changes have impacted my personality.  I have noticed I am becoming more extroverted, more willing to take risks and more willing to be vulnerable. I am suddenly ok with being noticed. I am so happy that this is the direction my life is heading.

So, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows me that I am a goal setter. The feeling of accomplishing a goal seems to give my life purpose. Unfortunately, that means that when I am not working towards a goal I tend to feel aimless and sometimes get depressed. I have decided that I have some specific things to accomplish this year and to get there, I want to set some goals. So, without further ado…

2012 Goals

Trapeze- These goals will require video proof to be considered accomplished, I will post videos as each item is completed.

  • Catch my hocks salto- This is going to take some work, I need to get more consistent and right now I am opening under the catch trap.
  • Throw a catchable double.
  • Choreograph and complete a full routine on silks, static, and double trap.
Glass- To consider these goals accomplished, I will be posting pictures to a lampworking forum that I frequent and to get the opinion of the experts. I’ll post the pictures and reactions here as well.
  • Learn to fume
  • Conquer honeycombs
  • Attempt inside/out work
  • Blog less guarded and more often (1x a week)- being a perfectionist, I don’t like to show myself in any light that is less than flattering, but that stuff is life too. It’s time to bring down my walls. I am not perfect and I shouldn’t represent myself as such, doing so only leads to others unrealistic expectations of me and heartbreak.
  • Focus on fitness- I have been pretty good about this over the last 6 months. My job and my goals require me to be in strong and in decent shape and I know my weight sometimes holds me back physically and more often mentally, I want that obstacle gone.
  • Take a life coaching class- I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I think I was meant to teach in some manner. I really enjoy it at the trapeze rig and I feel like I should be doing more instructional stuff in some manner and I think where ever this path leads, a life coaching class will be beneficial.
So, to get these goals accomplished, I will be setting monthly goals that support or become stepping stones for the yearly goals. So, here are my January goals, in no particular order:
January Goals
  • Workout 5 days a week
  • Sit in left and right splits 1 minute a day
  • Blow glass 4x a week
  • Take my splits out of lines- I don’t need the lines, it’s a mental thing so it’s time.
  • Work on a return from the catch- this is one of those things that I let my weight mentally get in the way of. I think I am too heavy to catch, so I am here 5 years later and I have never returned to the bar from a catch.
  • Learn 2 tricks on each silk and static.

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