Photo Update

Well, I am way overdue for a post. Things have been happily busy around here. However, I’m not feeling to wordy today so, I’m gonna let some pics do most of the talking…


There was halloween:


We went to a poker tournament, which Beast took down! In fact, he won the tournament the next night too. He is currently number 1 in the league, w00t!

Then I got to meet a childhood hero, Olympic Gymnast, Shannon Miller. She is currently doing a project called the Seize the Day Experience. She is celebrating each day as a cancer survivor by Seizing the Day with other cancer survivors. One of the experiences was flying on the trapeze. Pop on over to her website to read about the series at

And, last but definitely not least, I finally got my glass workshop set up:


This has been the result of last week’s tinkering:


Now, I gotta run, it’s flying time. What have you been up to?



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