Hot Weekend

I spent the weekend working and it was hot! I struggled a bit on Saturday with the heat, but had no issues on Sunday. I was pulling lines at the trapeze rig- man, I love my job. Unfortunately, I haven’t been flying much because my shoulder has been giving me problems. But, sometimes just hanging around the rig makes me feel good. I have really been trying to get into better shape so I can do more. It’s frustrating because my body loses weight so slowly.

It’s a “money’s tight” kind of weekend so it’s been low key. Along with working I’ve been reading books, mowing the lawn, housework, and catching up on sleep. So, here it is Sunday night and I feel like I have some of my shit in order. We were going to try to get in a “hike” (Florida is FLAT so hike is a relative term) tonight, but the thunderstorms rolled in, killing our plans. I guess it’s time for a workout and a pedicure and another night to bed early!

Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend!

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